Currently there is no emergency homeless accommodation in Elmbridge. We have joined forces with Citizens Advice Elmbridge (West) to find out more about why people become homeless and what their experience is of dealing with Elmbridge Council and local charities.

We are seeing an increasing number of clients who come for advice because they are homeless or are worried that they will become homeless. For this reason we are undertaking this research and if this is an increasing problem for local people we will contact Elmbridge Council and the local MP and advocate for homeless accommodation to be set up in this area and additional support to be provided for people at risk of homelessness. If you have any experience of or views about homelessness we would be grateful if you could add comments to this blog or contact our office (details on this website).

We can, of course, give you advice about your rights and responsibilities if you have a query about housing or homelessness.

Originally Posted September 2016

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