This is a reminder to be wary of buying goods from a stranger selling from a car. You can’t return the goods because you don’t know where the seller is and you can’t contact the seller because you are unlikely to have the right details.

If you buy goods from a car and pay by credit/debit card, your details may have been taken and your card used by the scammers.

If you pay by cash and you want to return the goods, the only way you can get your money back is to find the seller and hope the seller will refund your cash.

At the moment there are at least two men selling kitchenware in Elmbridge. If you are stopped by someone claiming to be on their way to the airport, having been to a Kitchen Show/Event and they have to offload some Swiss saucepans, knives and cutlery (possibly they may claim they are made from titanium) at a very good price – think twice. If the goods are not of the quality they claimed how will you return them? If they give you a business card, take the time to check that the company and the address exists.

Think again. Is the offer too good to be true?

If you do buy goods from a car and they turn out not to be what you expected, and you cannot contact the seller, report it to Actionfraud at

For more information about your consumer rights go to

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